Happyness for Families

Various Designs - from a Basic Module to a Lavish House

The modular system of the «Happy Home» allows us to fulfill all different kind of requirements. Our basic module measures 6 x 6 meters. The in-house living space of 36 m2 it is suitable for a family with 2 children. With additional modules it can easily be extended to a multigenerational or even to a lavish house.

In a first step we focus on the requirements of families especially in Asia and Africa. Live takes place outdoor in these areas. Most families cook and eat outside. Therefore, we limit our indoor finish to one or two bedrooms and all necessary sanitary installations.

Below please find some suggested layouts for different sizes of the «Happy Home».


Basic module for a small family

This 36 m2 house covers the requirement of a small family. It is equipped with two bedrooms, a bathroom with a shower, lavatory, and toilet as well as a small entrance area.

Extended house, 1 ½ modules 

This «Happy Home», with a living area of 54 m2 and a covered patio with approx. 18 m2 offers already some more comfort to a family.

Multigenerational house, 2 ½ modules

The «Happy Home» with a living space of 90 m2 and a covered patio of approx. 18 m2 is suitable for a multigenerational family. 

Lavish House with 3 modules

The range of possibilities is huge for families who can afford a lavish house, for expats or families who want to have a holiday home, e.g. in Thailand. The size as well as the finishing standard can be chosen according to your wish.

With a living space of approx. 108 m2, a covered terrace with 36 m2, a covered outdoor kitchen and a pool you will find your dreams about a «Happy Home» come true at a reasonable price.