Happyness for Families

The 1st Serially Produced Sample House - Interior Finish

It is mid May 2022 that we have started the interior finish of the first «Happy Home» sample house. The work took us little more time than expected. But we are most happy with the result.

In short, what we have done

  • First, we had to purchase all required material; we found most of it in a huge home mart shop near Pattaya.
  • overall isolation of the house with 100 mm rock wool;
  • installation of the empty conduits for the electric cables;
  • implementation of the electrical installation, including LED lights, safety advice etc.
  • fitting of the fiber cement boards;
  • painting the walls;
  • tilework in the living area as well as in the bathroom;
  • installation of a ceiling fan as well as the aircon;
  • sanitary installations – shower, toilet, hand wash sink;
  • sliding doors to separate the living area from the bathroom and the entrance, including window frames and decorative boarders and
  • installation of the photovoltaic system and internet access.


You will find more details and pictures in the presentation below.

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Dennis, a student at Eastern Switzerland University OST, helped us during 4 weeks with the interior finish. He wrote his Bachelor’s Thesis about the «Happy Home». In the meantime he graduated with an excellent final grade. Congratulation to you Dennis.

Abstract to Dennis’ Bachelor’s Thesis 
(the abstract is in German only; upon request we can submit a translation)


Drone Video made after the
installation of the photovoltaic system. 

As mentioned above, we are proud of the result and got much positive feedbacks from persons visiting our sample «Happy Home».

Please contact us if you wish to know more about our «Happy Home» or if you would like to visit the sample house.

In case of interest, you may also spend a night or two to experience the comfort feeling of the «Happy Home». Just contact us to make an appointment.