Happyness for Families

My Motivation - Everything Big starts in Small

My name is; Franz Gähler, I am married, 68 years young and, retired ...

For the past 30 years I have worked in management positions in an international Swiss corporation, in the textile and automotive supplier industry. I have lived and worked abroad most of the time and have been able to get to know in-depth different cultures. My time in developing countries was remarkably interesting, personally and I was most affected by all the inequalities there.

In all these years I have worked closely with local universities. Today, and thanks to this collaboration, I have access to simple, safe and affordable technologies, photovoltaic systems and water treatment.

Over the years, the issue of clean drinking water, safe housing as well as sewage disposal has been raised by my local colleagues. As a family man, I was also able to see the plight of the families and that led me to make a small contribution to improving the situation.

For me, the basic problem for families is safe living space with sanitary facilities, drinking water treatment and safe wastewater disposal.

From all these experiences, the «Happy Home» project with its modular construction approach gradually emerged. With the prototype I wanted to make sure that my technology and planning can be implemented, the «Happy Home» house can be assembled as a self-assembled kit to become a cost-effective family home; it can be built by a family’s own efforts. 

Today I know that the prototype works very well, provides a safe home against rain, sun and storms and has already survived unscathed some severe tempests.  

Satisfaction is a Big Part of Wellbeing

What contribution do I want to make: 

  • Create a safe, beautiful and cost-effective home with local resources - from the smallest to multi-generational homes, from simple to high standard of construction.
  • Increase the identification with the new home through personal contribution.
  • Access to clean drinking water and electricity, even in inaccessible and undeveloped areas.
  • Build up a local production and create an opportunity for training.
  • Offer services and support for the assembly and maintenance of the houses.