Happyness for Families

Thank you!

At this point we want to thank our sponsors who supported our «Happy Home» project.

Thanks to a crowd funding we were able to finance the CAD design of the house as well as the shell construction of our first sample house.

In the name of the entire team, I thank all of you who have supported our project financially, with material or services, and all those who encouraged me and the team and who have given important inputs to us. 

There are many families dreaming of a safe home. If they have a permanent employment, it is usually possible to get a bank loan for such a home. The Government Bank in Thailand, for example, releases quite easily a loan for a safe home. There are, however, many families who depend on a financial support by third parties.

Please send us a message if you want to support our project in any kind of way. 

Each single contribution is welcome.

The following institutions and companies support our project. I have deliberately chosen the alphabetic sequence. Each single contribution – either in monetary form, in form of services or materials – is helpful and most important for our project.

Collaboration with Universities

Ostschweizer Fachhochschule, Rapperswil

With my «Happy Home» project, I am in close contact with the “Ostschweizer Fachhochschule, Rapperswil, and its institutes IBU (Construction and Environment), SPF (Solar Engineering) and UMTEC (Environment and Process Engineering). Next to safe construction, architecture they focus on climate-neutral materials and sustainable building.

Thanks to the Centre of Society OST, I get access to new technologies, e.g., a proven technology for drinking water treatment that was successfully installed in Africa.

I also can count on their support for solar engineering.

The Centre of Society OST works in direct connection with the «Happy Home» on the above themes. A project / bachelor thesis was assigned to a student. The work is done with the BIM method to process as much as possible on a digital and sustainable level.

We are proud of our co-operation with the Centre of Society OST in Rapperswil, Switzerland, and thank for their most valuable support. 

University of Burapha, Chonburi, Thailand

I am thankful to say that Burapha University also agreed to support
our «Happy Home» project.

Khun Srisunee, Professor at Burapha University and Khun Sitthiphat, Civil Construction, Burapha University visited our sample house in May 2022.

They feel that the «Happy Home» perfectly matches to Thai requirements for a safe and stable home for Thai families.

In collaboration with Eastern University of Switzerland, Burapha University will delegate students to help us for subject-specific questions, e.g. for foamed concrete.

We are proud of our co-operation with the Burapha University, Chonburi in Thailand, and thank for their most valuable support.


Companies supporting our «Happy Home»

Elektroplanungen Kohler AG, Wil

Elektroanlagen Kohler AG realized for our «Happy Home» project the electrical design according to Swiss Safety Standards.

We thank Mr. Guido Kohler, General Manager, and his team for the great and appreciated support.

GF Piping Systems

For our first, serially produced house; GF Piping Systems in Schaffhausen, Switzerland, supplied fittings and pipes for drinking water and the sanitary installations. 

We are most thankful and look forward to a future co-operation.

Prandini AG, Weinfelden

Prandini AG prepared for us the standard design for all sanitary installations for our «Happy Home». 

We thank Mr. Stefan Prandini, Management Board, and his team for the great and most appreciated support.


Reichle Immobilien AG (RiAG)

Reichle Immobilien AG (RiAG) granted us a generous, financial support. 

We are most thankful and hope that we can continue a co-operation in the near future.