Happyness for Families

The Modular System of the «Happy Home» 

The basic «Happy Home» measures 6 x 6 meters. With an in-house living space of 36 m 2 and a bathroom, including a shower, a lavatory, and a toilet, it is ideal for a family with 2 children. 

The sample building plan below shows a possible layout for the basic «Happy Home» module.

Sample Layout Cube, 6 x 6 meters

3D View Sample Cube, 6 x 6 meters

Sample Layout Cube, 6 x 6 meters

3D View Sample Cube, 6 x 6 meters

Additional or less walls can be installed upon your personal requirements. The design is most flexible and can be amended according to your wishes. Additional modules can be added easily to the basic module.

Modular Pipe Frame shown with the Roof Batten

All parts of the pipe frame are designed in 3D-CAD. The pipes are lasered on a laser machine so that the basic pipe frame construction of a «Happy Home» can be produced within short time.

3D View Pipe Frame 1 Cube, 6 x 6 mtr

Original Pipe Frame, Sample House 6 x 6 mtr

3D View Pipe Frame, 1 Cube 6 x 6 meters

Original Pipe Frame Sample House 6 x 6 meters


Exterior View Sample Cube, 6 x 6 mtr

Exterior View Sample House, 6 x 6 mtr

Exterior View Sample House, 6 x 6 meters


Sample Exterior View

Families have the following advantages thanks to this construction:

  • The steel construction got a long lifespan 
  • The house can be assembled autonomously
  • Installation instruction supplied on a video
  • Two men can assemble a module within one week
  • Training for the purchaser is guaranteed by us
  • If required, we can support the purchaser on site
  • No negative surprises about additional construction costs
  • This modular and stable construction has a long-life span
  • High family’s identification to their new home thanks to their personal contribution

The most important question is; how much will a «Happy Home» cost? The above layout will cover the basic requirements of a family with 2 children. This will cost approx. 20’000 CHF and includes the sanitary installations. 

In Thailand for example, a family with a regular income will easily receive from the Government Bank a mortgage for such a house. The interest rates for such a mortgage will be far below a monthly rental fee.

Depending on the size and quality standard the costs can rise to approx. 45’000 CHF. 

The mentioned prices are estimates only and subject to the raw material prices. Depending on the cost index we may face a price fluctuation of +/- 15%.

The bedrooms’ furniture as well as the kitchen, fridge and washing machine shown in the pictures above are not included in the price.