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Sanitary Installations

Same as for the framework of the house, we rely on standardization and safety for the sanitary installations.

The experiences made in Asia showed that pipes are cemented directly into the walls. The pipe connections very often were leaking. Mold formation was, therefore, not uncommon. Necessary repair works were costly.

The above is why we have decided to use a concealed installation.

3D Animation of the Sanitary Installation

Original pictures of the bathroom installed at the 1 st serially produced sample house will be shown on this page in June.

It is thanks to this construction that all sanitary installations are fixed at level and will not lower. This  prevents damages at the pipes and its connections. To ensure the tightness we are using a special tool crimping the connections.

The concealed installation permits free positioning of the various installations according to requirements. The access for additional installation is granted.

The standard plans and drawings below, were designed by Prandini AG in Weinfelden. Sincere thanks for your support.

Bathroom, standard layout

Concealed Installation

Standard Piping System