Happyness for Families

Additional Information on the Construction of the «Ukraine House»

The core of the house wall consists of a steel framework with 100 mm rock wool insulation. In addition, 100 mm foam concrete panels are installed inside and outside.

The floor area of ​​a standard house is 54 m2, it includes 2 bedrooms, shower / toilet, kitchen and laundry facility, see also the pictures below. 


Front View

Bird's Eye View

The heating is provided by a Scandinavian wood stove.

In addition to double glazing, shutters are installed. These help to keep the inside temperature stable even in extreme outside temperatures.

The «Happy Home» is operated independently with a PV system. An energy storage device provides electricity for the night and – where installed – for heating.

The wastewater is fed into the local waste disposal network or treated and disposed of in a biological sewage treatment plant next to the house.

It is possible to install drinking water treatment as well.

With these installations, the «Happy Home» will be completely self-sufficient and can be erected as a permanent building anywhere in the Ukraine, regardless of the infrastructure, and will certainly have a useful life of two generations.

Thanks to the modularity of our structure, the «Happy Home» can be adapted to the needs of individual families.

When it comes to production, emphasis is placed on simplicity, so that the house can be produced on site and assembled without specialist training. Two men can build a complete house in about 4 weeks.

The system and the construction will be freely accessible and made available for re-building the Ukraine.

We want to use local resources as much as possible and check with Ukrainian partners which technologies are available locally. Wherever possible, the recipient families should help with the assembly and thus establish a deep connection to their «Happy Home».

The «Happy Home» corresponds ecologically and economically to the current standard. The CO2 footprint is kept small and should be amortized over a maximum of 7 years.

As far as possible, the required materials are procured locally.

I am convinced that with our concept we could be of help for the reconstruction and the necessary shelter for the families in the Ukraine.

For this I make my know-how and the construction plans for the houses and would also be willing to support installing of a local production.