Happyness for Families

The Prototype

In 2018, a prototype house was built in the bush of Thailand. It started with a vision of a safe home for a Thai family. We made a design according to their requirements. 


It took some time to get the necessary material, support from various companies and friends to start with the erection of the prototype. 

The erection of the house was interrupted by heavy rain, delay in delivery of the material. Nevertheless, we were able to build the house within 6 weeks. 

We are proud of this achievement.

Please find in the video below information about the construction of prototype of as well as the system of the «Happy Home». 

The prototype can be visited after appointment. Please contact us for detailed information, e.g. location and contact details.

The family is happy and, today, makes an important contribution to the functioning of village life.

Exemplary function: many members of the village community would also like to own a «Happy Home», which is why they work regularly today.

Thanks to the structured technology, pipe frame and foamed concrete, all needs can be covered from the simplest module to the highest standard of construction. 

Finding a balance between ecological and economic  

My know-how and access to ecological and economic technology: 

  • With my «Happy Home» I am in close contact with the “Fachhochschule Ost” in Rapperswil and its institutes IBU (Construction and Environment), SPF (Solar Technology) and UMTEC (Environmental and Process Technology). In addition to safe building and architecture, it focuses primarily on climate-neutral materials and sustainable building.
  • Thanks to the “Fachhochschule”, I have the access to new technologies such as proven drinking water treatment, which is already being used successfully in Africa.
  • I also have the access to the expertise of the “Fachhochschule Ost” in Rapperswil for photovoltaics.
  • Together we want to offer families in developing countries and NGOs a sustainable, stable «Happy Home» that can be built up for generations, that is stable, energy neutral and can be assembled anywhere with simple tools.